This website started out as a place to purchase merchandise for my Artist Showcases but turned into something completely different once I realized my purpose. I want to help others who are struggling to lose weight. Along with my photography, videography and artist showcases this site will house merchandise for my fitness brand; pxfitnesswear 

Being overweight was one of the most depressing points in my life. I want to teach people how to get in shape while also providing cute clothing to workout in. 

The Pineapple Express is an artist showcase that I created to expose people to great talent from my home state, Maryland. I go to different states, find great upcoming artists from that state and create a show incorporating great artists from my state. 

 I'm planning on taking it as far as possible. So shoutout to you for coming to this site, reading this intro and hopefully buying some merch to support my goals.

peace & love