Get fit & Curvy 60 day Coaching Program
Get fit & Curvy 60 day Coaching Program

Get fit & Curvy 60 day Coaching Program

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This online coaching program will provide you access to my health coaching app for 60 days. The app will be home to your personalized health plan created with all of your goals in mind. 

Your health plan will include:

  1. workouts
  2. meal guide
  3. affirmations & journal prompts

On the app you'll be able to see examples of me doing each exercise. I will also create a meal plan made with your goals in mind. Mental wellness is a huge part of being able to accomplish your goals. When I went in to my health journey I was in a low place mentally, full of self doubt and hate towards my body. I'm thankful to have pulled myself out of that place & in to one full of love for myself. The app will have some of my favorite affirmations & journal prompts you can use to help you feel more confident about yourself and reaching your goals. 

Every week I’ll be checking up on you via text. We’ll hop on two calls where we'll do the workout together and I'll check in on all of your progress from your eating habits to your mental state. 

I created this program after trial and error with my personal journey. After I lost 80 pounds I got to a point where my curves were not as prominent as they were when I was larger. I wanted to be healthy but I also still wanted to be curvy. After reflecting on my weight loss I saw the errors in how I went about it and made the necessary changes to my personal exercise program to get the results I wanted. I then got my personal trainer certification and now I'm here to help you reach YOUR body goals. 

If you're ready to develop habits that you can sustain long term & WILL change your life, sign up today!