Pineapple Express 1 *updated*

Pineapple Express 1 *updated*

Man, Pineapple Express 1

Seems like so long ago. This was the very first show I ever curated. I was super excited about it because FINALLY I had the means to put some of my favorite artists in a show together. Day of the show is when the nerves finally hit, thats when I started getting super anxious about everything. From the flyer to the location to the artists I picked to put on the show it all meant something. Starting with the flyer, my logo is a pineapple and the train symbolizing the MARC train. The show was in Baltimore and the  train is one of the main forms of regular transportation to go back n fourth from DC to Baltimore. The artists are each near and dear to me because I play their music OFTEN. I selected artists from the "DMV" area and locals to the Baltimore area. I did this because I've noticed that there is a divide in Maryland that I'm slowly trying to break. During the show I made a little emotional speech about how I felt, which is VERY STRONGLY. WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER. period fuck all the dumbshit (s/o Mike of Doom) theres no need for their to be any animosity or isolation between the areas we all need to come together more and support our own. I wanted to expose Baltimore locals to great "DMV" artists and "DMV" artists to Baltimore artists. I wanted everyone to just see how great all of these artists are and come together as music lovers and also hopefully spark some collabs between the artists. I also ALWAYS have vendors. I'm a HUGE advocate for supporting black businesses. We need to support our own

Pineapple Express is really for the fans and the artists.


here are some pictures I took at the show



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