Why the Pineapple?


The mantra I created for the brand is

“Give yourself time to become sweet on the inside, never forget your boundaries & always stand tall”

I chose the pineapple as my logo because I feel like its physical attributes represent the change I went through when I lost 90 pounds. When you get a pineapple & it isn’t ripe it’ll usually be sour or won’t taste like anything. When I didn’t love myself I wasn’t a sweet person to myself or anyone else. This is why I say you need to give yourself time to work through whatever it is going on with you to grow that love/sweetness for yourself to be able to give it to others. The outside of the pineapple has spikes which remind me of boundaries. Once you build love for yourself & want to give it to the world you need to develop boundaries to keep yourself safe. Lastly, pineapples are usually standing up. When I was at my biggest I used to slouch because I didn’t want to be seen & just had bad posture which is really harmful for your back, so now i always stand tall. 

Through my experiences the mantra for the brand was born. Adapting the lessons I learned from the mantra helped shape me to become the woman I am today. Life is so much easier for me now that I have self love, boundaries and confidence. I didn’t always have these attributes & the things I went through in life helped me to gain them.  

Pineapples are also my favorite fruit because of the taste & all of the health benefits they carry. What made me decide to name the brand pxhealth came from my love of the movie Pineapple Express. It's one of my favorite movies of all time because it’s so funny & I related to James Franco’s character so much especially how he loved his grandmother it reminded me of my ggma, rip OG.

Before I started this brand in 2016 I used the name Pineapple Express for my artist showcase series where I would have local DMV artists perform at different venues. @karimali.psd designed a flyer for the Atlanta show I curated. He created the pineapple I use as my logo today on that flyer. I loved it so much I asked for permission to trademark it and use it for merchandise for the showcase series. Through making the merch I realized I wanted to keep making clothes outside of the shows. People also kept asking me about my weight loss and I realized I could turn this logo and my story in to a brand. That is where pxhealth and my pineapple logo were born.

The purpose of this brand is to provide clothes that you can feel & do your best in. It's also a resource for living a healthy life mentally & physically. When you’re wearing our garments you’re being clothed in love & strength. I'm planning on taking this as far as possible so thank you for coming to this site, reading this and hopefully getting something of value 

never forget:

Give yourself time to become sweet on the inside, never forget your boundaries & always stand tall🍍

-the px way