Why the Pineapple?


I chose the pineapple as my logo because I feel like it’s physical attributes represent confidence, boundaries & love. Adapting these attributes helped shape me to become the woman I am today. I didn’t always have these attributes & the things I went through in life helped me to gain them.  When you look at a pineapple it’s spiky on the outside. To me those spikes represent protection. To navigate this world you need to make sure you never forget your armor. That doesn’t mean being closed off to the world, your armor is your boundaries & standards. These two things will help you to maneuver through situations that are set out to harm you. If i had that awareness growing up I would of dealt with getting bullied WAY differently.  I dealt with bullying in school & my household majority of my life so I never knew how to approach it, instead I internalized it & began to feel that hatred for myself & project it on to other people.

When pineapples are ripe & ready they are sweet on the inside. To me that sweetness represents love. Once I lost 80 pounds I began to love what I saw in the mirror, I wanted to shower other people with that same love. With this new found love for myself I learned the hard way that I needed to figure out how to protect myself because it soon got taken advantage of & that is where building my armor came into play. I had all this love to give but I had no boundaries. This world is lacking so much love & every issue in this world could be solved if people had more & operated from a space of love instead of hatred & greed.

Last but definitely not least, pineapples stand tall. You have to physically put a pineapple down. In school I used to slouch a lot because I didn’t want to be seen, I didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone because I wanted to be invisible. I didn’t want any more people pointing out the flaws I’ve spent years hearing about. Now that I love myself, I’m comfortable with being seen. I sit & stand tall everywhere. I walk with confidence & I’m not afraid to make eye contact with people.

Pineapples are my favorite fruit because of the taste & all of the health benefits they carry. What made me decide to name the brand PX fitness came from my love of the movie Pineapple Express. That’s one of my favorite movies of all time because it’s so funny & I related to James Franco’s character so much. Before I started my fitness brand I used the name Pineapple Express for my artist showcase series where I would have local DMV artists perform at different venues. The logo for the Atlanta show flyer was designed by @Steez800. I loved it so much & decided to use that logo for merchandise for the showcase series then soon after turned the merchandise into a full brand & that’s where pxfitness was born.

Recently I added an olive branch to the logo. Olive branches are universally seen as a gesture of peace. I added them around the logo so while you’re wearing my garments you can extend peace to those around you and most importantly to yourself.

When you’re wearing my garments you’re being clothed in love, strength & peace. You never have to forget your armor when you wear my pieces. I decided to create this brand to be a guide for others to learn how to live a healthy life mentally & physically. I'm planning on taking this as far as possible so thank you for coming to this site, reading this intro and hopefully getting something of value from this site whether it be a piece or some information. 

never forget:

Give yourself time to become sweet on the inside, never forget your boundaries & always stand tall🍍

peace & love