Pineapple Express 2

Pineapple Express 2



check out an excerpt from a write up designer, photographer & writer Nick Moore wrote on his blog He's most known for Ninth Life Clothing. Follow him on twitter @ninthlifestyle 

"The second installation of Pineapple Express 

The Pineapple Express visors designed by T.brown herself, collaborated with MiNK, made an enormous debut and caught the eye of the whole venue. We at Ninth Life were in attendance as well, showcasing a few unreleased F/W17 pieces, as well as some of our most recent pieces, such as the MiNK capsule.

While vibing out to some of the most hype tracks orchestrated by a variety of rappers, there were many connections made with other creatives from the area. The aura in the air thats felt when multiple millennials come together to support one another is captivating. Major shout outs to a few of the artist involved and photographed in the following pictures i.e. Mikey $avage, Air Jxhnie, Lul Big Brother, Papi Pujols, Al Hostile, Filth 800, Kontradiction, Scottie Piff, Brad Litt, Dizzy Gordo, and Tay Cool"

-Nicholas Moore

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here are a few pictures I took at the show




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