My Healthy Living Journey

My Healthy Living Journey



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I'm not a specialist. I'm writing about exactly what I did that helped me to go from my biggest which was 220 pounds to a healthy 136 pounds. 

Admitting that there is a problem is the first step to solving it and since you came to this blog post you're taking the first step or just nosey, lol. 

Hey guys! 

To start, I appreciate you for supporting me and wanting to learn about how to get fit. I got discouraged multiple times during this journey and just gave up. But with anything in life you have to see it through! Whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Once I developed a healthy routine I stuck to it and was able to shed a lot of the extra weight that was starting to take a toll on me physically and emotionally

Before you embark on your new healthy lifestyle you have to identify what it is you're doing in your daily life that is so unhealthy and figure out alternatives for those behaviors. 

For me it was fast food, lack of daily activity and my water intake. 

I wasn't drinking enough water on a daily and was eating out too much and eating the WRONG things. 

When I say wrong things I mean things that weren't doing anything but holding my body back. Food's packed with sugar, fat's and grease. 

How I addressed this issue

The only liquid I consumed for the first 3 months of me taking my health serious was water. Not only did it help me see more of a difference in my weight but it gave me more energy during the day and I wasn't as hungry because I was consuming so much water. Sometimes your body sends you signals that people sometimes mistake for hunger but really it's just dehydration. I recommend that you try to drink 5-6 glasses of water a day. Start as soon as you wake up in the morning & end your day with a glass before bed. My trick was always having water around me so I had no excuse. 

Once I started to see that I was losing weight I started incorporating all natural fruit juices. My typical juice of choice was pineapple juice. I always had it in my fridge at school. I would alternate between water and pineapple juice daily. I also cut out soda for good. Soda really isn't good for you at all and we shouldn't be consuming it. 

I cut out fast food, if you're someone like me who loves to grab a burger and fries then you have to make that sacrifice to get the body that you want. Not only does cutting out fast food help you to loose weight but it also helps you save $$$

I changed my daily routine's to include more cardio. While in college I lived on the fourth floor of my dorm. All of my classes were on the third floor of a building that was at least a 7 minute walk from my dorm. To incorporate that daily activity I stopped taking the elevator and started walking. I also stopped driving to class and started walking. Every day, multiple times a day to and from class and home. It may not sound like a lot but four flights of stairs really is no joke multiple times a day when you're out of shape. The first few weeks doing it I could feel how tired and out of breath I was when I got to the top but gradually as week's went on I got better and better. 

-if you don't have the same luxury as I did in having so many stairs to walk every day then fit that daily cardio into your schedule somehow. If there is a will there is a way. 

I cut out red meat.  This one made such a huge difference because I loveeee burgers. I used to eat them often. The feeling I got afterwords was disgusting to say the least.

Sluggish and lazy *Frank Ocean moms voice*

 Red meat is high in saturated fat and your body loves to store that fat all over soo I ditched the red meat and started incorporating more seafood, grilled chicken, fruits and veggies into my life. Not only are fruits good for you but they make great snacks. I would take fruit and a water bottle to class as a little snack that kept me awake and curved my hunger until my next real meal. 

Anything you do for 22 days becomes a habit

The key to weight loss is consistency. Whatever healthy living practices you are doing you need to stick with them. Once you pass the 22 day mark it won't feel like a diet or that you're limiting yourself because it will not be apart of your daily habit. 

I did this consistently over the course of a year and lost the weight that was holding me back from wearing the clothes I wanted and being comfortable with myself. No where in here I mentioned gym because that wasn't apart of MY story but it can be apart of yours. I know if I would of went to the gym everyday on top of my healthy practices I would be ripped right now, lol. Everyone's story is different, explaining mine is just to be used as an overall guide for you to see how easy it is to get healthy and how important what you put in your body is to your weight loss. Your eating habits are 70 percent of the battle. Once you get on track with that it's all about that daily cardio that's going to shed that weight right off. 


a side note/think peace

Everything you put in your body is going to come out. Whether it's your sweat glands or your waste. 

If you're eating junk, junk is going to come out of you. 


Things to remember

water water water! 

cardio is your FRIEND

red meat is NOT your friend

figure out what your favorite fruits are and replace your favorite snacks with them








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